Bitcoin Dice Casino Game

Bitcoin gambling is expanding every day. New Cryptocasinos, bookmakers, and poker rooms that accept cryptocurrencies appear daily. However, the most popular games are Bitcoin dice.

It all started with SatoshiDice – it was one of the first sites with gambling with Bitcoin with a very simple betting process. Victory or defeat was determined by the dice. Soon competitors made quite a few similar sites with a wider choice of bets and with different odds to win.

Thanks to the automated betting process, complete anonymity (players sometimes do not even need to register) and technology are proved by fair play, the Bitcoin dice is considered the most reliable and safe online game for cryptocurrency.

Where To Play Dice For Bitcoins

The number of sites that offer a game of dice is constantly growing. Also, there are many opportunities for those players who decided to try their hand at gambling using Bitcoin.

Below you will find an overview of the best representatives of Bitcoin Dice sites. On each of them, you can play anonymously and all of them take a tiny profit, so the opportunity to win here is much more.


Betting is the only thing you have to do when playing dice with Bitcoins. The size of bets and odds to win may vary from site to site.

A distinctive feature of the game with cryptocurrencies – is complete anonymity. To make bets you do not need to enter anything but the address of your Bitcoin wallet. Once you have bet on a certain outcome, the winnings will be credited back to you.

Design And Gameplay

The basic concept of the game is very simple – bet by choosing the amount with a special slider or just entering a number. Chances of winning can also be chosen in advance, so pay attention before you throw a dice, what percentage you have chosen to win, and what kind of payment you will receive in case of success.

Everything is ready to “launch” the dice and get a reward if the right number is reached. According to the rules of the game, you either win or lose the bet. The winnings depend on the odds you set before the game starts.

Dice Game Types

Some developers have slightly redesigned the original concept of Bitcoin dice, adding interesting possibilities to customize the outcome. In the standard game, you’ll win if the number is less than the number you’ve chosen in advance. Now there are opposite versions, where the number will bring victory more than the selected one, and there are versions with a combination of both cases, which offer even more chances to win.

One thing that should be taken into account is the percentage of winning the most BTC gambling house, a kind of fee. This percentage can range from 0.5 to 2, so some sites are trying to take more when as a percentage of the winnings of another site can be almost unnoticeable.

Money Transactions

The whole process of playing different versions of Bitcoin dice is based on bets and results, which either brings you victory or loss. All financial transactions are carried out by the address of the Bitcoin wallet, which is necessary for you to deposit funds and make a profit.

No third parties are involved in the game process. All action rotates between the site and your Bitcoin wallet.

Some Bitcoin Dice sites allow you to place several bets on a single transaction, as well as withdraw the winnings to different Bitcoin addresses.


Since the betting process for Bitcoin dice is completely anonymous, you should not be afraid of the illegal use of your personal data. The service is built in such a way that it works independently of any other sites, so the deposit and withdrawal of funds is as fast and safe as possible.

Still, do not forget that it is best to store the bitcoins on your wallet, so do not leave large amounts of money stored on gaming sites.

Proven Fair Play

The system is proven to work well in the field of Bitcoin gambling and allows the player to check the integrity of a particular outcome. This is made possible by the fact that each game is assigned a special code before the beginning of the game. After the game has been played, this code will tell you if the result is correct. In fair games, the result of checking the code and the result, which issued the game site, always matches.

Live Bitcoin Dice

All have become familiar with the fact that it is possible to play gambling games in a regular casino, on your computer and on mobile devices. However, there is an option to join quite real entertainment with live dealers in online Bitcoin Casino. These games are broadcasted live, and you can take part directly from home if you have a reliable connection to the Internet.

Do you like the game “Dice” with live dealers, and you want to make a deposit and get the winnings in Bitcoins? There’s nothing easier! The only step to captivating cubes is to choose an honest Bitcoin casino with a Live Dice section.

What Are Live Bitcoin Dice?

Live Dice is a new game with unique betting opportunities, which has no analogues. You can participate in the dice in real-time, and bets can be placed using cryptocurrency. All action is guided by a live dealer who throws 5 identical cubes with 6 sides. This game takes interest and attention for a long time, and thanks to the pretty croupier is also pleasing to the eye!

The game session lasts only a few seconds and is broadcasted from the studio. You can also always find out the results of the last dice throws to make a decision about your next move. The dealer throws the dice with a slight movement of the hand and then announces the winning combination. After a while, a new betting session and a new graceful throw of dice begins.

How to play?

To try out this game, you need to register at a secure casino that accepts Bitcoins. One such place is the BitCasino.io website, which does not require you to enter any personal data and transactions are fast and free of charge.

How Do You Start Playing Live Bitcoin Dice?

The situation here is very simple and will not require any knowledge or experience. Bitcoin Dice is based on pure luck. All you have to do is set your betting amount and choose one of the options for the outcome of the cube throws. Each option has its own odds, according to which your winnings are calculated.

Betting Opportunities

Before you make your first move, see what options are available in the Live Bitcoin Dice Lobby:

  • Combinations
  • Rooms
  • Total amount
  • Even/ Odd
  • Combinations

Bitcoin Dice Bonus

A lot of us have remembered and loved the dice game since we were young. It’s very simple, easy to understand, fun, although it has certain mathematical patterns. But if, as a child, we played dice without much understanding of the winning technique, then in adulthood we come to understand that this game is quite real. With the advent of the Internet, of course, there are sites where you can play dice, including Bitcoin.

Gambling with cryptocurrency, by the way, is actively gaining popularity. Bitcoin has many advantages. For example, it is completely anonymous. Therefore, if you won the jackpot, your identity will not be disclosed. Accordingly, your account will not be able to hack by hackers, and you will not have to pay tax to the state – your winnings will remain only yours.

In order to play, you only need to have a bitcoin address – this is a generated combination of numbers and letters. An address is generated in just a few seconds, so you can create a new address for each new transaction – it guarantees even greater security and anonymity.

The advantage of Bitcoin is that it is very liquid – around the clock, it can be exchanged for any common currency. In addition, the exchange rate of electronic money can sometimes jump up well, and then you not only withdraw your winnings from the casino but also earn on the rate.

However, in order to play dice, you first need to invest some money, at least the players think so. That’s why many people refuse the idea of spending their evenings in online casinos – they say it’s the same thing to change their usual money for bitcoins… and if I lose them all, it’s a pity… and the exchange itself – it’s the same commission, different conditions, it’s difficult…

How To Start Without Spending Money?

In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. But there is an option where you don’t even have to use your money to play dice – many casinos offer a variety of bonuses. They give out free money so that you can enter the taste, trying different kinds of online entertainment. Well, the psychology of the person is such that if he is gambling, and has already lost all the free-coins, he will go after his own to get back at it.

However, let’s take a look at what free bonuses you can get in the game on Bitcoin dice:

Firstly, many casinos offer free Bitcoins for you to get used to on the site. If you see a Faucet or Free Bitcoins inscription, feel free to click the button and the coins will fall on your account. However, you usually need to register to get the bonus. By the way, many resources charge money for registration in their system.

The amount is different everywhere. Some portals charge about 200 mBTC, and some are generous up to 500 or even 1000 mBTC. Usually, everything depends on the amount of minimum bet in the game and your loyalty to the resource. For example, the more often you place bets on the portal, the more free coins you can get.

Also, many casinos charge bonuses on the first deposit. Usually, it is 50% of the amount deposited. However, here, too, everything depends on the number of coins that you have deposited in the account – the more they are, the greater the amount you get for free.

And the last type of bonuses is free coins, which are issued with a link to some holiday date. For example, by Thanksgiving as a free gift.

A fair question arises – can the free bonus just be withdrawn from the casino and cashed out? Answer: Yes, but not quite. Most gaming resources do not prohibit the withdrawal of winnings from bonus funds, but assigns a certain limit, below which the money is not withdrawn.

Bitcoin Dice Bonuses

Playing Dice with cryptocurrency is surely familiar to everyone who has at least once been interested in the entertainment available for Bitcoin. It impresses with its simplicity and the opportunity to try its luck to the maximum. As in any other game, you often have to experience a joyful feeling of victory and a sad feeling of defeat.

Agree, no one likes to lose honestly earned money. And if you are still prone to fall under the spirits of gambling, then it can take a very sad turn. What if you want to pass the evening after this entertainment, and the possibility or desire to make a deposit is completely absent?

Not everyone knows that it is possible to try Bitcoin dice without investing your own coins. Most of the modern sites with this game offer us to get a free start balance, with which you can not only learn in practice the work of the site, but also to win real bitcoins!

How To Play Dice For Free On Bitcoin

To begin with, we need to choose a resource that offers a bonus. The best deposit free resources are presented on this page.

Perform a simple registration (quite often you do not even have to fill in any extra fields) and start searching for the cherished button. Usually, free bitcoins are hidden under the sign “Free Bitcoins”, “Faucet”, it will not be difficult to find the cherished section.

The amount on each resource is different. Somewhere you will be offered 200 mBTC, somewhere 500, and the most generous can immediately share a thousand! Quite often the number of coins depends on the level you have on the Bitcoin Dice site. It is very easy to increase the level and the amount of free money to play with. Simply keep betting, increasing your loyalty and moving up the rankings.

The best part of this process is that the number of no-deposit bonuses is absolutely unlimited! If you are lucky enough to have 0 on your balance, then feel free to ask for a new portion of mBTC and continue climbing.

Can I Withdraw A Free Dice Bonus On Bitcoins?

Getting this cryptocurrency does not impose any restrictions on the withdrawal of the winnings. It is necessary to take into account only the fact that each gambling site has a minimum withdrawal amount requirement. This means that for a successful transfer to your wallet, you will need to play at least this minimum.

The minimum size of the output is determined differently on each of the sites. In the rules of the game, you will easily find how much money should be on the account to make a payment to yourself on the wallet.

Another limitation is that you can get mBTC only if you have an empty account. In other words, you won’t get a few bitcoins, the site will continue to share with you when you lose the last balance.

Why Do The Bitcoin Dice Give Out No-deposit Bonuses?

This question is quite logical in our commercial world. Indeed, why would anyone give away bitcoins? The fact is that this charity works as a great advertising move. Offering an opportunity to start without a deposit, Bitcoin Dice sites get a new client.

Whether this client will play on his coins or limit himself to free bonuses is another question. The primary goal is to attract the attention and flow of newcomers, and these hundreds of mBTC are doing their best.