Bitcoin Casinos with Jackpot

When we talk about the big winnings in the world of gambling with Bitcoin, it is often the progressive jackpots that are the cause of the bright news titles. They work very simply: every time a player bets on a Jackpot slot or video poker, a tiny part of the amount is sent to one massive prize pool.

Very often, this single fund is formed by players from completely different sites, so it can have a crazy growth rate and reach several dozen bitcoins. Finally, there is a lucky man who will do the same cherished spin of the slot machine and get incredible prize money. After that, the prize pool is reset to zero or a certain starting amount.

Which Bitcoin Casino has the Biggest Jackpot?

Nowadays, almost every gambling site with the cryptocurrency can boast of the presence of several Jackpot games. Below we have selected those casinos where the total prize pool is the largest.

Choosing one of the BTC Gambling sites in this list, you can be 100% sure that the winnings will be fully paid to your wallet. Do not try your luck on websites of unscrupulous crooks who promise gold mountains. It will be easier for them to close their website than to pay you honestly earned money.

How often Bitcoin Jackpot hits?

You have probably seen gambling sites with special indicators. They show how hot Jackpot is and call for more bets on a particular game. But in general, these indicators do not give any useful information. In their advice, they rely only on the time periods between winnings of certain jackpots.

In fact, there is no real connection between the previous and the next victory does not exist. Similarly, those predictors who believe that if the roulette fell black 6 times in a row, the next time with a greater likelihood will fall red. In fact, there is no connection between the two events, and one does not affect the other.

There have been cases when the cherished Jackpot dropped out 2 times in the same day. The only thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a Bitcoin casino with a jackpot is the size of the prize pool. The more it is, the more profitable your game will be on this slot.

How to get Jackpot Winnings using Bitcoins?

One of the most important things to consider when playing progressive jackpot games is the Bitcoin casino payment policy. There are several institutions that limit the possibility of withdrawing funds in one calendar month. For example, the rules may say the following: “In one month, a player can withdraw no more than 40 Bitcoins. However, in the best institutions, this rule does not apply to the lucky ones who have broken the jackpot.

Agree that it’s a shame to win a few hundred Bitcoins and receive them for years as payment on some kind of mortgage. Therefore, always study the rules – it will only take a few minutes, but it can protect you from all kinds of pitfalls. We have on our website only reliable operators that have paid large amounts of money to their winners more than once!

In our news, we have already mentioned a few cases when the players with the cryptocurrency smiled luck! Don’t miss your chance to get the amount that will change your whole life!