Bitcoin Keno

Keno entertains gambling enthusiasts for more than a decade. Enjoy this simple fun in the choice of rooms you can as well as with friends at home and on the Internet. Now it is also available in Bitcoin casino! Perhaps the list of games won’t surprise you with such a wide variety of games as in conventional casinos, but still there are huge advantages of using Bitcoin in Keno.

First of all, it’s anonymity. No document and personal information checks during registration. Neither will anyone check your place of residence. All you need to do first is have an email address, and the entire registration process doesn’t take more than 30 seconds.

The second significant advantage is that no commission is charged for deposits and withdrawals in bitcoins. This is especially important for the residents of Global, as the fee for money transfers can reach up to 5% in some cases. Absence of transaction fees helps Bitcoin casinos to offer more shares and bonuses to their clients.

Where To Play Keno With Bitcoin

Most cryptocurrency gambling sites offer at least a few different variations of Keno. However, you need to pay attention to those sites that operate under a license, and also have a good reputation. Below we have collected a list of the best Keno Casinos with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Keno Varieties

Instant Keno is a game with 80 balls and simple animation. You can choose up to 8 numbers, place a bet in the cryptocurrency, and assign a number of rounds. As you add numbers, you will see changes in payouts and odds to win. After clicking the “Play” button, the winning numbers will fall out of all balls. There is also a variety of this game with 40 balls, which offers other chances of getting the numbers out.

Traditional Keno is also played with 80 balls, where you need to decide again on your numbers, the size of the bet and the number of times you want to play. It already uses a more advanced animation, which will highlight the matching numbers on the field.

The latest version Club Keno is played with 40 balls. The interface here is more entertaining with different funny effects. The minimum bet can be made starts from 0.02 mBTC. It is also possible to play up to 10 rounds at a time and get an extra bonus, which will double the winnings in case of a draw.

Live lotto with beautiful girls dealers is very similar to Keno, but still, it is not exactly the same game. Here you will have to make a choice 6 of 49 numbers, which are loaded into the lotto machine. At the end of the drawing will fall the cherished 6 balls, and a large score can be won by guessing just 5 of them. Payments are also made for a smaller number of guessed numbers.

Proven Honest Bitcoin Keno Games

Most Bitcoin Keno provides a method of proving fair play. If Keno also belongs to a licensed online casino, then you should not worry about the results.

Each round of the server is generated by a special code, which is sent at the beginning. Then it is combined with a random number on your computer to make sure that the results were chosen without any juggling.

Live Bitcoin Keno

If you like to play this kind of lottery, but do not trust the drawn slots, where the results are determined by the algorithms hidden somewhere inside the program, then keno with live dealers will probably be to your liking!

The broadcast is conducted from the studio in real-time, so the honesty of the result is beyond doubt. Besides, the whole process is led by a beautiful girl, who will definitely please the eye of the male part of the community of players for cryptocurrency.

Where To Play Live Bitcoin Keno

The BitCasino Live Casino is the perfect choice for playing Bitcoin Live Casino. Beautiful girls from Latin America will help to pass more than one evening with their pleasant company.

First of all, you need to register in this bitcoin casino, after which you can make a deposit and go to the live games section. Here you can already choose a section with nice Latinas and go to the online studio with Live broadcasting.


The Live Casino is a major breakthrough in entertainment. Thanks to modern technology, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of live games right at home. And if you add the opportunity to bet in Bitcoin, the total joy of safety, reliability and anonymity provided by cryptocurrencies perfectly complements the delight of pretty dealers.

Live Keno is worth a try for all lottery lovers. The simplicity of the game will allow you to take a break from all the affairs and to make live bets round by round. Drawings are held every 3 minutes, so you won’t be bored!