Bitcoin Casino Bonus for Players from Australia

One of the main factors that determine the next casino, in which you spend a decent amount of time – are the bonuses offered to players and visitors of the gaming site. The Bitcoin casino market is constantly expanding, so new gaming sites are always interested in new visits, offering you unique promotions and great bonuses.

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Most Bitcoin casino bonuses are similar in type and method of wagering to the bonuses offered by “regular” casinos. All of them are designed for new or registered players: deposit-free bonuses, first deposit bonuses, reloaded bonuses that can be re-deposited, and free spins that generate interest in the game.

It is worth paying attention to some things – although it seems that the bonuses are free, but the casino somehow has to protect its investment. Therefore, restrictions and requirements are often imposed: wager, restriction on games, the need to make a deposit to draw a conclusion and so on.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus Types

A wide list of bonuses is currently offered by almost all Australian Bitcoin casinos, but it should be noted that not all of them are equally advantageous. When you’re looking for the next Bitcoin casino, always think about whether or not this or that bonus is worth your time. Below you will find a list of the four most important Bitcoin casino bonuses that you will find most often when searching.

Bitcoin Casino First Deposit Bonus

This is a standard type of bonus for the casino industry and is perfect for those players who want to really seriously play on a particular site and is not in a hurry with the withdrawal of funds. Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonus is given immediately after registration and can vary from 100% to 200% of the deposit amount. Some casinos can offer a 400% bonus.

The player always needs to study the rules and conditions to see the bonus-wager, that in other words, the requirement for a wagering bonus. The number of wagers means how many times you need to play the bonus amount in your betting to withdraw these funds to your wallet.

Reload Bonus Bitcoin Casino

This bonus is often provided by those Bitcoin casinos that give a bonus on the first deposit. Thanks to this bonus, casinos usually encourage those players who think about whether to continue to play on this site or not.

By offering additional Bitcoins to the player for another deposit, the reload bonus increases the player’s bankroll well. This bonus is not as big as the first one, but it is still a good reason to continue playing in the casino.

No-Deposit Bonus Bitcoin Casino

This is one of the rarest bonuses on the Bitcoin casino market, simply because the profits of many casinos cannot cover the costs of players. That is, often instead of earning, they start to lose money.

A no deposit bonus in Bitcoin Casino is a great way for a novice to try the games, as well as to see how honest and safe the casino is. Very often these bonuses are limited by the list of games in which you can try them out, as well as the amount of money that you can eventually win with them. Don’t forget this when you decide to use a bonus of this type.

Free Spins Bitcoin Casino

Another rare bonus that all Bitcoin casino users love. Free spins are usually given in order to try out slots or other similar games.

There are two types of free spins – the first one can be obtained under any promotion. The second is inside the games themselves and can be unlocked by a specific combination on the slot machine. Some bonuses require a bonus code to claim the bonus.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Bitcoin casinos often apply restrictions and rules that must be met in order to get this or that type of bonus. These include several important aspects, such as wager requirements. This requirement shows how many times you need to play through the bonus amount in order to be able to withdraw the winning money to your Bitcoin wallet.

Also, note that some games are often prohibited from using during wagering the bonus. Usually, the list of such games is published in the rules of wagering bonus. Sometimes there is a minimum deposit amount in Bitcoin to get a bonus, which must be deposited into your account in order for the bonus to be credited to your account.

How To Wager The Casino Bitcoin Bonus?

Among the gambling sites with Bitcoins, there is more and more competition. The number of online institutions using BTC as a currency is growing. The interest of the public in this kind of entertainment is growing, which together with leisure and entertainment can bring a good income.

For beginners, it is quite often possible to find various kinds of free incentives. Let’s see why they are needed, how to get them and what to do with them. Also consider the important question: how can you win back bonuses in Bitcoin casino?

Why Would You Get A Reward Like That?

Free coins can be issued by the casino administration without depositing money at all. In some cases, you can get a deposit without a share by completing a task or by winning a contest.

Most often, gaming portals offer special conditions for making the first amount of money as a deposit. That is, the client who makes money for the first time on his gaming account, gets in excess of the contributed amount of some additional interest, usually from 15% and up to 200%.

There are also so-called reloads, or in other word “recharging”. They can be given out on all the next account deposits and most often less interest than the shares on the very first deposit. This kind of reward to loyal visitors who play often.

It is worth noting that almost always this additional currency can not be withdrawn immediately, but only after a while, meeting the conditions for wagering, which are governed by the rules of Bitcoin casinos.

So, for example, among the rules may be the requirement to deposit a little money to the deposit account, a limit on the number or type of available entertainment, or the so-called wager.

There are also bonuses that come in the form of so-called “free spins” bonuses. All the above requirements do not usually apply to them, got them, play them, and withdraw what you’ve earned – everything is simple.

Bonus Wager. What Is This?

Wager requirements – one of the frequent restrictions on the withdrawal of money received in the form of bonus funds. Wager requirements are specified when receiving the bonus rules or in your personal account opposite the bonuses already received. It looks like “wager 10x”, where the number before the X is the required number of playing of the bonus received on the top, i.e. the amount must be set as many times as specified in the multiplier.

Explaining it by example, it looks like this. You have received 5 units in your account. To withdraw them at the value of 15x you must bet 75 (5 * 15 = 75) units, and only then you can transfer this money to your wallet. At bets of 1 unit you need to make 75 bets, making way for the withdrawal.

All these restrictions on instant withdrawal are easy to explain – gambling portals attract new users and are ready to give them a chance to win even without investing their own money, but not give money away for nothing. Good line of behaviour – site owners protect themselves from major costs and do not deprive anyone wishing to join the possible victories and earnings.

The easiest thing to do is to win back the Bitcoin casino bonus in games with a 50/50 chance, such as roulette. However, it is worth paying attention to the rules and conditions: it is quite possible that in roulette you will not get 100% in the wagering off. Most often 100% give slots, but the chance to win there is much lower.

How To Use It All?

Very simple. First deposit bonuses, reloads, free spins, no-deposit and other bonuses are a great way to top up your Bitcoin casino account.

Wager these awards for withdrawal, given their large number, it is not so difficult. Moreover, they serve as a “lifeline” for those whose song already seems to be sung and the balance is insignificant. These bonuses help to stay afloat and give an opportunity to unwind again.

Remember, any bonus you receive today can be real money on your Bitcoin wallet tomorrow!


The use of the offer, which consists of several types of bonuses Bitcoin casinos – is a good tactic that will help beginners, as well as regular players to increase their chances of winning. If the casino has the opportunity to give its games a try for free, get a few free spins for registration and win something without investing a single coin – then it is an indicator of excellent marketing.

Keep in mind that Bitcoin casinos, as well as other gambling sites, try to get as much profit as possible. Therefore, carefully read the rules and conditions for receiving the bonus and choose really profitable offers.