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How to Bet on Football with Bitcoin Online

Betting on Football with Bitcoin is as comfortable as ever. Football is the most popular and bets on sport in the world. In Europe Football is bet on at the same fever that gridiron football is in the United States. Betting on Football is much like betting on baseball or hockey in that the money line rather than a spread is used. There is one significant difference though. In Football, you can place a bet on if there will be a tie along with which team will win the match. That means that if you bet on a team winning and there is a tie you don’t push but will rather lose the bet.

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Normal Football Lines

To better understand a money line in Football we will look at an example. The odds for a Football match may look like this, Liverpool -125 Draw +205 Newcastle +235. If you were to bet on Liverpool you would have to bet $12.50 to win $10, betting on Newcastle would give you $23.50 with a $10 bet, and if you were to bet on a tie, you would win $20.50 with a $10 bet.

MLS Football Lines

This example is what most money lines in Football will look like, but if you are betting on Major League Football, they will look different. The simple cause of such difference is because unlike most Leagues in the world MLS games do not end in a tie, but instead, go to shootouts. Unlike regular Football betting, MLS games will have a point spread because the games never end in a tie. An example of an MLS Football line would be LA Galaxy +2 (-115) and DC United -2 (+120). If you were to bet on the Galaxy in this game, they would have to win by more than two goals, and you would have to bet $115 to win $100.


Another great bet in Football is betting on the over/under. An example of an over/under bet would look like this: Total goals 2.5 LA Galaxy -150 over and DC United +120 under. So if you are wagering on the over there would need to be at least three goals to be scored for you to win, and if you bet the under there could be no more than two goals.

Things to Consider

The first thing that you should consider when betting on Football is a team’s form. Spend a little time and see how the team has performed over the last few games. Look at box scores of recent games as well player stats. Follow the team’s news as well; this will let you know if key players may be injured and what the mood of the players and coach is. Also, check what the head to head record is against the two teams playing. Different teams have trouble with varying styles of play, and overall records don’t always indicate this. Lastly, check the team’s home and away record. Such some teams play much better at home than they do elsewhere.

Where to Bet on Football with Bitcoin

As Football is the most bet on sport in the world,  almost all online sportsbooks provide options for wagering on Football. You will want to make sure to place your wagers on trusted, reliable and regulated sites. We prefer Bitcoin Sports which accepts US bettors and Bitcoin.