Bitcoin Gambling

Of course, the best entertainment is where you can still get a real win. That’s why gambling does not lose its relevance, but only on the contrary – are gaining more and more players around the world.

With the advent of Bitcoin, you can now play not only for real money but also for the cryptocurrency – it’s safe, fast and convenient.

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What Games Can You Play For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Roulette

First, you can twist the roulette. In this case, Bitcoin is a deposit, the level of betting varies, depending on which portal you choose to play the game on. In a good roulette there should be a precise, not overloaded with elements gameplay, and a wide range of sizes of bets, so that you can set different amounts on the bet.

Players from Australia can pay with Bitcoin and enjoy a wide range of games like roulette, blackjack, poker, video slots and much more.

In addition, be sure to pay attention to the presence of a certificate at the roulette – it ensures that the ball gets to certain numbers is not based on the preconfigured system of casino creators.

Bitcoin Blackjack

If you prefer cards, then you should try yourself in blackjack. The main advantage of using Bitcoins in gambling is the ability to be completely anonymous, which eliminates all possible problems with making a deposit and withdrawal of your winnings.

In addition, most Bitcoin Blackjack casinos withdraw your winnings instantly, so you don’t have to wait a few days or even months to cash out your honestly earned winnings.

A huge number of online casinos have blackjack tables, all offering different conditions and different bets. We recommend you to choose those portals where you can bet on a wide range, for example, from 5.00 to 200.00. In addition, on some portals, you can enable insurance, which works if the dealer collects 21 points – in this case, you will still receive a standard payment of 2:1.

Bitcoin Video Slots

The simplest, but at the same time, the most exciting bitcoin gambling game are slots (slot machine). In such entertainment, it is impossible to highlight any winning strategy, because each stage is completely unrelated to the previous one. Therefore, the winnings here depends only on the luck, the right choice of the slot and the size of the bet.

There are slot machines that make more serious payments to players – they are worth choosing. Your attention should be paid to slots that have a payout percentage above 90%. In addition, the more lines you can choose on the machine, the more likely your winnings are.

The ideal option is a slot with 15 paylines and more. There are also jackpot slots, but it makes sense to participate in them only if you are ready to bet serious sums, otherwise, the whole sense of spending time on a such a slot machine is lost.

Video Poker

The list of Bitcoin gambling games, of course, can not be called complete without video poker. Devices with such entertainment could be found in every playing hall before.

You probably remember this simple fun: 5 cards appear on the screen, you have the opportunity to leave a few of them, and the rest to replace them with new ones. Ultimately, you need to collect the poker combination, and the better the combination, the more prizes you get.

Exactly the same mechanics got the online version of video poker. The variety can add a different number of start cards, additional bonus rounds, as well as payment rules.

Live Bitcoin Games

Live games on Bitcoin are also noteworthy. Their difference from the ordinary one is that the real dealer hand out the cards to you, not an automatic machine. This creates the effect of presence and plays a lot more interesting. Otherwise, they are no different from the usual – it’s the same roulette, blackjack, poker and Baccarat.

Bitcoin Gambling Advantages

Bitcoin can be transferred between users via Bitcoin addresses, which are a set of numbers and letters that range from twenty-four to thirty-seven characters. In almost all cases, transactions are processed free of charge. One of the most expensive aspects of managing a regular online casino or any gaming site in this respect is payment processing. Each time the user makes a deposit using a credit or debit card, bank account or electronic wallets – such as Neteller, Skrill or PayPal, a fee will be charged for the service.

Most online gaming sites cover this fee and do not charge their players, however, some gaming houses may still charge their users a fee. For those who play in unregulated markets such as the United States, for example, customers are often required to pay government fees of up to ten per cent of the winning price.

Even if these sites cover processing fees, you will still have to pay fees that reduce your real profit. But online gambling sites will have to compensate for losses in the form of reduced fees, bonuses or promotions for the client.

This is just one of a few reasons that make Bitcoin so attractive to online gambling operators. Further, it should be noted that the deposit and withdrawal of money from the account is absolutely free of charge because only here was it possible to effectively eliminate the payment of any fees when depositing and withdrawing money. This allows Bitcoin casino sites to allocate much more funds for deposit bonuses and other promotions, but most importantly – allows them to offer the fastest payments in the world of gambling entertainment.

Bitcoin Gambling Risks

Cryptocurrencies and gambling are a great couple. A huge number of players around the world have already felt the benefits that offer digital money. However, with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, also increases the various risks associated with their use.

One of them is the opportunity to lose money by taking advantage of unscrupulous service. That’s why this article was created, where we will help you find the best casino on the cryptocurrency with the most diverse list of games.