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Welcome to – the main All guide to finding the best Bitcoin casinos online. This website was created to provide Bitcoin players with information on where to play, what to play and how to play. We have a lot of feedback, tips and tricks to help you improve your gambling and cryptocurrency betting experience.

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Introduction to Bitcoin Casinos for all Players

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital cryptocurrency that has become very popular in recent years. It turned out to be mainstream in 2011, due to the fact that unlike traditional currencies such as the U.S. dollar, Euro and Pound sterling, the BTC has no central bank and operates exclusively on a peer-to-peer market.

Bitcoin network first appeared in 2009, and since then there has been a rapid rise in its popularity around the world. As of 2019, tens of thousands of businesses around the world are accepting Bitcoin, including some of the largest online stores in the world. The multimillion-dollar Dell computer retailer and the renowned Overstock furniture hypermarket are just a couple of examples of the largest companies accepting BTC as a currency to shop in.

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Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin can be transferred between users via Bitcoin addresses, which are a set of numbers and letters that range from twenty-four to thirty-seven characters. In almost all cases, transactions are processed free of charge. One of the most expensive aspects of managing a regular online casino or any gaming site in this respect is payment processing. Each time the user makes a deposit using a credit or debit card, bank account or electronic wallets – such as Neteller, Skrill or PayPal, a fee will be charged for the service.

Most online gaming sites cover this fee and do not charge their players, however, some gaming houses may still charge their users a fee. For those who play in unregulated markets such as the United States, for example, customers are often required to pay government fees of up to ten per cent of the winning price.

Even if these sites cover processing fees, you will still have to pay fees that reduce your real profit. But online gambling sites will have to compensate for losses in the form of reduced fees, bonuses or promotions for the client.

This is just one of a few reasons that make Bitcoin so attractive to online gambling operators. Further, it should be noted that the deposit and withdrawal of money from the account is absolutely free of charge because only here was it possible to effectively eliminate the payment of any fees when depositing and withdrawing money. This allows Bitcoin casino sites to allocate much more funds for deposit bonuses and other promotions, but most importantly – allows them to offer the fastest payments in the world of gambling entertainment.

The next important aspect of the newest Bitcoin casinos is their decentralization and absence of connections to any government or bank. Funds cannot be arrested or frozen, unlike those accounts that are in the bank in the usual currency.

This is a small advantage for those who play in the legal, regulated online gaming markets, but for unregulated or illegal markets this is the most important aspect. In the U.S., several times in the last decade, the Department of Justice has frozen online gamblers’ funds not only in regular banks but also in the online world.

Bitcoin allows players to take full control of their money and gives them the freedom to do what they want with their money. In addition, most resources also provide complete anonymity to users when they enjoy gambling on Bitcoin. Part of the gambling sites on Bitcoin can ask for a client’s email address at most only to recover the password. The vast majority of Bitcoin casinos will not ask for personal information such as your name, residence or residence address.

Types of Bitcoin online Casino

As mentioned above, many gambling houses have begun to accept the cryptocurrency as a deposit and withdrawal method. However, Bitcoin wallets are much less common than traditional currencies, especially when it comes to interactive games.

Below you’ll find the most interesting topics related to Bitcoin Casinos:

Online gaming sites that take exclusively BTC, are preferred by users who browse the pages of Bitcoin casinos. However, some gaming venues that accept common currencies are now beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as an additional option for deposit or withdrawal.

Compared to sites that only accept Bitcoin, online resources that accept both currencies will request a name and address to verify their identity when customers request a withdrawal. You will need to send a bank statement or utility bill to complete the verification process.

Most hybrid casinos will accept deposits with Bitcoin and will also be able to provide withdrawals back to the BTC wallet of your choice, but will convert funds to regular currency when replenishing. For example, if you make a cryptocurrency deposit into a hybrid account, you’ll end up betting in regular currency. For example, bets in euros or U.S. dollars. If you want to withdraw funds to your Bitcoin wallet, a reverse conversion will be made.

Bitcoin Casino Games

Every year more and more opportunities for Bitcoin gamblers are being implemented. And this is not the limit. Bitcoin sites with gambling offer the same games as traditional online resources, in addition to much greater opportunities for free of charge deposit and withdrawal of funds. Bitcoin mobile casinos have been known only for a few years, but they have already surpassed traditional operators in a number of areas. Gambling on Bitcoin can be divided into several types.


Everybody loves slot machines, and in the BTC casino industry, they are available in large quantities. In the availability of the best gambling sites at BTC are dozens of various slots with many options for rewards for customers, including progressive jackpots. However, the “coin” is able to attract fans of slot machines, are the interest payments Bitcoin casinos.

Most slots on Bitcoin offer a higher rate of interest payments than other gambling sites and makes offline machines similar to legalized robbery. Some sites offer up to ninety-nine percent of online vending machines, making Bitcoin gambling particularly popular. For users who prefer classic gaming machines, there is no better option than to visit and play with cryptocurrency.


Blackjack is the second most popular gambling activity on Bitcoin, after slot machines. This game is presented in several variations on Bitcoin markets. Blackjack lovers can choose a lot of outcomes of the game and get a better chance to win than in any other regular casino (online or offline).


One of the simplest games of chance with Bitcoin for understanding is roulette. It is the most popular board game, behind only the blackjack rating. BTC Casino offers a variety of roulette options, including American and European. Of course, it is not necessary to repeat the common truths, but still, in this game, users can choose multiple outcomes of spins and get a better chance to win than on any other ordinary site with gambling.

Live casino dealer games

Live games have gained wide popularity in the last few years. This trend is not overlooked by gambling at Bitcoin. Online games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat are available with real dealers in a number of Bitcoin casinos. Live gaming will allow players to enjoy themselves, bet according to the rules in force, as well as to perform all the activities in the present time live. The live game is an interesting way to communicate with other users, giving the opportunity to find friends and like-minded people.

Other games

The above games are the most popular choice among the players, but the Bitcoin casino does not stop there. BTC offers a complete range including video poker, three card poker, dice, and a long list of other games. The dice and lotteries are very popular and available on a large number of sites.

Provably Fair Technology: Proved Fair Game

Proven fair play is a revolutionary way to determine the fair play, not only for Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino but also for any other online gaming sites. Participating in gambling for Bitcoin all players have the same chance to win. Using a special technology hash encryption, users can easily make sure that the online institution has no control over the game, especially overstating the stakes.

“Provably Fair” technology has been implemented differently in each game, but the overall concept is becoming widespread in most large Bitcoin casinos. Users can verify that the game is fair by entering betting ID numbers and other information that may vary depending on the conditions of the Internet portal.

“Provably Fair” technology is a revolutionary way to define a fair game because it is instant and reliable. Players will immediately find out which of the users tried to play unfairly because each bet can be independently verified.

Compare this data on Bitcoin gambling with similar technologies in other online and offline casinos, and you will realize that this technology is one step better than others. Independent research has shown that when disputes arise between users of other resources, it takes weeks, if not months, to resolve them. Dozens of players will be tested in every game, and that takes time and a lot of time. In addition to the time, you will need to spend a lot of money on the investigation.

Gambling on the cryptocurrency thanks to “Provably Fair” technology can be tested at any time. You do not need to conduct a lengthy investigation if you suspect a certain player is cheating, just check the bet with this service. You will immediately receive an answer, as well as any other user can get similar information about your bets.

Bitcoin Casino License

Those who have been doing online betting for years are used to seeing licensed prints on most of their favourite gaming sites. Depending on which country the site is located, licensing requirements may differ from each other. In some countries, regulators have strict requirements, while in others, licensing is only a way of raising additional revenue for the treasury and there is little oversight of gaming sites.

Licensing is extremely common when it comes to simple casinos, but few Bitcoin-based gambling is currently licensed. This is more related to the novelty of Bitcoin in the gambling market than to the fact that sites are not safe enough for licensing.

Licensing is not really as important as it seems to most players. In many countries, there is little that can be done by regulatory authorities when a dispute arises between a site and a client. In most cases, customers have to rely on the mercy of the operators.

Even highly regulated authorities end up failing to protect players. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and CEREUS (Absolute Poker & Ultimate Bet) for violating UIGEA. They were forced to return deposits to their clients almost immediately.

PokerStars processed the findings for less than a week, but Full Tilt and Cereus had a pretty long delay before they declared themselves completely bankrupt. At the time, Full Tilt was the second largest poker site in the world, which received a prestigious license from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

In the end, the players managed to get their money from Full Tilt (although almost three years later), but those with money invested in Cereus – they were unlucky. However, this story is presented here to show you that even the best gambling houses can fail.

You can find unscrupulous performers in any industry and service sector, so gambling at legal Bitcoin Casinos is no exception. Players should do their research on the reliability and respectability of the gaming house before transferring BTC funds to Bitcoin casinos. Well-known sites with a large track record should become your reliable friends. Length of service of the site – that’s what you should pay attention to, not the availability of a license certificate.

Bitcoin Casino Checklist

To help you choose a site where you can play with confidence and not be afraid for the invested money, we have created a list of several criteria, paying attention to which you will be able to choose a suitable for you a win-win situation.


As mentioned above, you should look for Bitcoin casinos for all Players, which has a special license for online games of this nature. As a rule, the information about the availability of a license is displayed on the site, but at the same time, it is worth checking who issued the certificate to the gambling establishment. More and more Bitcoin casinos receive licenses, but, unfortunately, many sites are still unlicensed. The fact that the lack of a license certificate, can not indicate the unreliability of the online portal. Read our recommendations on this site, and you will become fully confident that you play in a safe and secure institution that operates in cryptocurrency.


Try to give preference only to the most famous gaming Bitcoin casino platforms, only then you will be sure of the fairness and accuracy of the games. Ideally, Bitcoin gambling portals should have a flash set of games, a version of the site for mobile devices and a fully loadable platform for your computer. Only then will you see how much money the gambling house owners have invested, and they will treat their clients with care. Thanks to the development of Bitcoin, you can observe the dynamics of development of various software for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As a result, you can now enjoy coin-playing games from the most prestigious and popular software vendors, including Playtech, Aristocrat Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft.


Bitcoin gambling sites can be judged by their reputation, their overall reviews and whether or not it was easy for visitors to get their winnings paid. Before you invest in a particular gambling house, type this site in Google search engine. So you can find a lot of different resources with reviews of your chosen gaming site. We also have impartial reviews of each institution, and you can find them on our website in the Bitcoin Casino Reviews section. Here you will find reviews of other users of each online gaming portal with their wishes and comments.

Play responsibly

Gambling on Bitcoin designed to make you have fun, they will entertain you, and in some situations will be very profitable. If you’ve ever felt you’re playing too much, or you’ve started to lose control, or maybe you just wanted more control over your gaming activities, we recommend reading our article on responsible gaming.

Understand the Cryptocurrency

Before you enter the Bitcoin casino world, make sure you’re fully aware of how the Bitcoin system works and learn how to use it. You may need to spend some time and effort learning about the system. The training program includes such nuances as buying and selling Bitcoin, various exchange operations. Only when you learn how to do all the operations on your own will you see for yourself how reliable Bitcoin is and how perfect it is for online entertainment.

For players, using Bitcoin is a revolution in the gambling world. Not only can they deposit and withdraw funds completely anonymously and without any government intervention, but also the percentage of payments is one of the best on the planet. Add to this the technology of proven fair gaming, which gives customers confidence that they will not be deceived, and you will understand why online gambling for Bitcoin was just sent to us from above!