Bitcoin Basketball Betting

How to Bet on Basketball with Bitcoin Online

Betting on Basketball with Bitcoin has never been easier. Basketball is one of the most uncomplicated sports to bet on, but some things make betting on basketball unique. Most online Bitcoin sportsbooks offer to wager on both NBA and College Basketball games. The basics are the same as most other sports though. The two most popular ways to bet on basketball is either on the points spread or the over/under. These are two easy concepts that we will explain before going more in-depth about how to bet on basketball games. Here we have a list of Basketball Sportsbook websites accepting Bitcoin. Just select one of them and start placing bets.

Basketball Betting with Bitcoin

Point Spread

Understanding how to be on a point spread is rather straightforward. Point spreads determine which team is favored to win and which side is the underdog. Each team is given a point total. The job of the bettor is to pick the team they believe will cover the spread. An example of a point spread in basketball would be LA Lakers -4.5 and LA Clippers +4.5. At the end of the game, you would add or subtract the spread or line from a team’s point total. If you had bet on the LA Lakers in the example above you would subtract -4.5 from their total score, if they still have more points than the Clippers you would win your bet.


The over/under is the second most popular kind of basketball wager. This is a bet on the total amount of points scored in a game. The sportsbook will give the total points to be scored in a game, and the bettor can see choice whether the score will be over or under that number. If you bet over for the LA Lakers and Clipper game with the over/under at 172 and the final score was Lakers 92 and Clippers 87 you would add up the scores for each team. The total score for the game would be 179, which would be over 172making you a winner.

Money Line

Some bettors will choose to bet the money line on games. This is an option where you bet on the winner of a game without a spread. Money wager lines are based on odds this means if you are betting on a heavy favorite you may be risking three or more times the amount you would win. We don’t suggest betting money lines on games as one lose can take a massive hit to your bankroll.

What to Look for Before Betting

Playing too many games over a short period can be difficult even on the best basketball teams out there. You should look out for teams that are playing their third game in four nights. The chance is that the other team will have fresher legs. This can be the even more prominent advantage for the other team if the game is on the road. One thing that is very important in basketball betting is checking the lineup and seeing if there are any injuries. This is true in all sports betting, but basketball especially where few players impact the game compared to football or baseball. You will want to consider not betting on a game too early. Lastly, don’t bet on your favorite team it is hard to be objective when your emotions are part of the equation. Check your betting skills at one of the recommended basketball online sportsbooks.

Where to Bet on Basketball with Bitcoin

Basketball can be bet on at some online sportsbooks, but you will want to make sure to place your wagers on trusted and reliable sites. We recommend Basketball Betting Sites which accepts Bitcoin.