How to earn Bitcoins
How to receive or earn Bitcoin? This question is the most popular question related to Bitcoin cryptocurrency online. Everyone wants to find the easiest way to get bitcoins!

Preparation steps

The first step for those who want use Bitcoin is to choose and create a purse, or as experts call it, the client of a network. So-called “easy” purses can be established either on the personal computer or the mobile device. They are ready to work in a few minutes, but don’t store a full database and are compelled to request information from other knots, of which the global network consists. If you need the maximum reliability and independence, you will install the full client. It needs several tens gigabytes on the hard drive, and primary synchronization will take not less than three hours.

Mining as a Primary way of  Bitcoin production – is that something for you?

Only two years ago the primary way of production of Bitcoin was mining. Work of miners is paid with cryptocurrency, but the period of useful and straightforward output ended long ago. Now only owners of big “farms” with cheap or free electricity can efficiently mine, and the threshold of an entrance becomes higher.

Alternative ways to earn Bitcoins quick and easy

In some countries, it is possible to receive BTC as a salary. For example, already some sites are offering to employers and competitors opportunity to place the announcement of hiring for the cryptocurrency. The famous and most often provided options are the compensation of developers, journalists, photographers, designers and other freelancers work. There are ways to receive BTC gratuitously or simply put for free. So-called satoshi-faucets are the sites which offer free bitcoins but in tiny quantities. It is possible to buy bitcoin at the exchanges, via the terminals and ATMs supporting their acquisition. In the big cities, the conferences and other events devoted to cryptocurrencies are often held. There are representatives of business, and public figures speak, but there is a place and to informal communication. Quite often organizers carry out the improvised “auctions” at which it is possible to buy cryptocurrency below a market rate. Another excellent possibility to earn bitcoins is to get bitcoins for surveys. A lot of sites providing a “bitcoin” reward for your time and filling in the survey. Most popular right now and even gaining more popularity is earing of bitcoins for visiting websites. You’ll get a very small amount of bitcoins, but on the other side it is quick, and you don’t need to do anything. By the way, you can not only earn free bitcoins for visiting websites but also for watching videos, playing games, etc.

To sum up

So, you just learned that you could get Bitcoins fast and easy! To sum up, the most popular ways to earn bitcoins are:
  • Get free bitcoins at Bitcoin Faucet Sites
  • Use bitcoin making software, such as instant bitcoin generator
  • Complete surveys for bitcoins
  • Earn Free Bitcoins by visiting or  completing tasks on websites
  • Get paid bitcoins to watch videos
  • Playing games, for example very popular, is to earn bitcoins playing Minecraft
  • Or you may even get free bitcoins from online Casinos!