Terms and Conditions

Multiple account from the same IP may lead your account suspension. Please use 1 account per IP

*Terms of use is an agreement between you and BTC Slice for services provided by www.btcslice.com
*It is important to read the document carefully before using services of btcslice.com
*The User is solely responsible for understanding and complying with any and all laws, rules and regulations of his/her specific jurisdiction that may be applicable to the User in connection with the use of BTC Slice.
*If you don't agree to the terms BTC Slice is offering, do not access the site and do not use our services


*BTC Slice  is offering could mining services where bitcoins are exchanged for Hash Power and Future Hash Power.

Users Representations and Warranties

*Creating an account also represents and warrants that user (creator) will follow the rules and laws of residence and/or country from which she/he is accessing account.
*The user of the account represents and warrants that he is at least 18 years old.
*The user of the account represents and warrants that he is agreeing to the terms of use.


*Account is an account created on our website and does not refer to any other type of account.
*Bitcoin is a crypto currency (peer to peer).
*GH/s means "Giga hash per second", which is a speed of preforming mathematical operations in favor of earning bitcoins per second.
*Future hash power refers to amount of power a user can order where the start date is a predefined and specified to the user on the order page.
*User refers to the person who created or using a user account.

Rights and responsibilities of the user

* The user has the right to use our services as long as he agrees to the terms of use and therefore comply with those.
* The user is obliged to read the entire terms of use carefully before using any of our services.
* The user is responsible to immediately inform BTC Slice about any unusual, suspicious, or abnormal changes on her/his account.
* The user is responsible of keeping her/his password safe.
* The user is responsible to inform BTC Slice about any unauthorized use of her/his account or password or any other breach of security.
* The user complies not to use our services for any sort of illegal or criminal activity such as money laundering, illegal gambling, financing terrorism or malicious hacking.
* The user is responsible for all damages caused to BTC Slice and all liability actions brought to BTC Slice.


* Unauthorized access to any account or assist others to obtain an account is strongly prohibited.
* User is responsible for keeping confidential information of his account safe and not to share with anyone.
* User is responsible to inform BTC Slice about any suspicious activity on her/his account.
* BTC Slice is never going to ask user for her/his account information, and therefore account information such as passwords should be kept as a secret and not to be revealed to anyone.
* It is advisable to change password regularly, at least once in 1 month.
* The password should be consisted of minimal 8 characters, preferably letters combined with numbers.
* The password should not be the same or similar to the username.
* GR Mining may suspend user account in case of unauthorized access or breach of terms of use.
* The user must keep his email account secured as well, as the account is used to reset an account's password and provide a new one.
* The user must be sure when using public device or device which is not in her/his personal possession that browser settings are not set store users credentials automatically, as well as chose option not to save her/his credentials to the device.

Maintenance cost

* Maintenance costs are charged for hosting, electricity and maintenance of the equipment needed to preform mining operations.
* Maintenance costs are charged automatically along the order of the hash power.
  *Mining operations can be stopped if the maintenance cost exceeds amount of bitcoins mined.
* BTC Slice holds the right to change the amount of maintenance costs.

 Rights and responsibilities of GR Mining

* BTC Slice has the right to suspend user account in case of non-fulfilment of terms of use by the user.
  BTC Slice is not responsible for any malfunction, breakdown, delay or interruption of the internet connection or any reason why our site could be unavailable at any given time.
* In these terms of use, BTC Slice responsibility is not limited for fraud, death or injury caused by its negliance or breach of the terms implied by operation of law.
* BTC Slice is responsible to provide the services with uttermost effort. In case user commits the fraud, BTC Slice is obliged to report all necessary information to the relevant authorities which are authorized to deal with fraud or any other illegal activity.
* BTC Slice is not responsible for any damages, loss of profit, loss opportunity, loss of revenue or loss of data unless BTC Slice has breached terms of use contract.


* BTC Slice is not able to guarantee availability of its services all the time but will do it's best to keep the services up and running.
* BTC Slice has the right to suspend the use of the site for the maintenance purposes.

Modifications of the terms of use

* BTC Slice reserves the right to modify terms of rights at any time.

Intellectual Property

* All the materials on this site are property of BTC Slice and are protected by copyright.
* The user is permitted to print, copy and download a copy of BTC Slice content only for non-commercial use.

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