Best SA Bitcoin Lottery Sites

The lottery is considered the most popular game, depending on luck and chance, the winnings here are greater than in other games. Speaking of the Bitcoin lottery, it is much better than the usual versions, which cruelly lure money out of your pocket, leaving only melodic echoes of an unfulfilled dream.

The Bitcoin Lottery is the first online lottery that runs on cryptocurrencies and offers its players the latest interface, as well as an independent cryptographic algorithm for selecting the winning numbers. The peculiarity of this algorithm is that it uses Blockchain, as well as the Twitter service to generate winning numbers. This provides 100% protection against fraud, and thanks to the technology proved by fair play, you can check the result for stitches at any time.

Why use Bitcoin for Online Gambling? Thanks to the features of cryptocurrency, the game can reach a whole new level of security and speed. The most important advantages of playing the Bitcoin Lottery are:

  • Often you can play without registration
  • Proven fair play.
  • The winnings are paid out instantly
  • Mercy commissions on withdrawal
  • No restrictions on your place of residence (play from any place).

Where To Play Bitcoin Lottery?

These games usually offer huge prize money, which looks pretty tempting. However, there are a lot of fraudulent lotteries on the Internet, so make sure you can trust it before you put your money on any website. Otherwise, if you trust the first site you find, there is a chance that it will be a lottery and you will not get your winnings back.

Always check the players’ feedback – only real players like you and we can give a decent score. Also, you can always find a list of honest lotteries for cryptocurrencies on our website, right on this page below!

Principles Of Playing Bitcoin Lottery

There are several types of online lotteries in which you can try your luck. Some regular lotteries may be taxed, some may not. If you participate in public raffles, you can be sure that you will be deducted a certain amount of tax from your winnings. Isn’t it a pretty offensive feeling when you have to share a fair win with someone who has nothing to do with it?

Therefore, we recommend that you try the Bitcoin lottery. It’s as easy to participate as it is to play games that everyone else is used to. All you have to do is choose your favourite numbers and wait for the outcome of the lottery, which will result in several, if not all, of your numbers being randomly selected and your winnings being credited to your account.

There are also Bitcoin lotteries where you can choose the winning numbers from the live Bitcoin Casino dealers! The draws are played live, so the results are considered the most honest. Usually, in these games, balls with numbers are placed in a special transparent device, and under the guidance of a beautiful girl randomly from a pile of balls get a few of those very happy.

Before you spend your cryptocurrency on the lottery ticket, think several times about whether you are ready to part with a calm soul with this money in case of bad luck? Play only for the amounts you can afford. Of course, the joy of victory crosses all the bitterness of the money spent, but really big winnings go only to the luckiest players! We wish you luck in the game!

Live Bitcoin Lottery

Lotto is one of those games, which is extremely clear and liked by people of all generations. The goal is to choose the lucky numbers and win the jackpot. No special knowledge or skills are needed to participate, so the lotto is so much loved by many. The cost of participation here is usually small, and after guessing all the numbers you can make a big win! Now the owners of Bitcoin can feel all the charms of this fun!

Play Bitcoin lotto in many online casinos, taking the cryptocurrency as a deposit and withdrawal of funds. There is also a live version with live dealers that you can participate in right at home.

Where And How To Play

The Live Bitcoin Lottery is available on the largest and most popular websites that accept Bitcoin. BitCasino is one of the few casinos that are licensed, providing fast and secure transactions. Players can make a deposit completely anonymous and start playing instantly.

If you want to choose a different site, pay attention to a few things. First, that among the deposit methods there are cryptocurrencies. Second, there is the game you are looking for on the list: in our case, it is a live lottery.

Types Of Live Bitcoin Lottery

Bitcoin Lottery Live is not very different from the usual game. The only difference is that the bets are made in the cryptocurrency, and the whole action takes place live. Like many other entertainment casinos, Live Bitcoin lottery can be present at the gaming site in several ways. The most popular we will consider below.

5 out of 36

Sometimes you can find another name, “Happy Five.” It combines traditional bets and a lottery. It consists of four different colours of balloons: white, blue, red and green. Thanks to the multicoloured balls and numbers on them, the game offers many variations of different bets. Before the start of the drawing, you can make your guess about the following aspects:

  • Numbers
  • White balls
  • Green balls
  • Red Balls
  • Blue balls
  • Different colours

7 out of 42

There’s also a name Happy Seven. This type of lottery consists of 21 yellow and 21 black balls. The sum of all the numbers on the balls is 903. The action is broadcasted live every 5 minutes and each time 7 out of 42 numbers are randomly selected. Bet on one or more outcomes can be made before the start of the round. The following types of bets are available for players:

  • Numbers
  • Total number of black/yellow balls
  • Total amount
  • Odd/even
  • Black/yellow


The Live Bitcoin Lottery is a fast and easy way to get started. In a matter of minutes, you can make a deposit in Bitcoins, choose a suitable lottery-type and place a bet. The game is based on luck, so there is no need to learn complex rules or practice different techniques.

In addition, you can play absolutely anonymously. Registering on the site of bitcoin casino will take a few seconds and will not require any personal data. All you need is an email address that everyone has!

If you play the Bitcoin lottery on a licensed site, you shouldn’t be afraid for your own money. Also, the license guarantees the integrity of the game, and live games, even more, protect the results of drawings from fraud.